Policy report for EC’s DG Comp

Acting as technical expert in the policy report “The Economic Impact of Enforcement of Competition Policies on the Functioning of Energy Markets”, a study commissioned by DG Competition of the European Commission, prepared by ICF GHK and DIW Berlin.

Intensive Course on Energy Economics

The second edition of the Barcelona GSE’s Intensive Course on Energy Economics: Current Methods and Policy Challenges, which I co-organise together with Natalia Fabra (UC3), will take place in Barcelona from Wednesday, May 20th till Saturday, May 23rd, 2015. Faculty also includes James Bushnell (Berkeley) and Giulio Federico (DG Comp).

MSc in Finance and Banking

The UPF-BSM’s MSc in Finance and Banking, of which I am the academic director, provides the necessary knowledge and skills for a successful career in the fields of corporate finance, banking or financial regulation; taught by the faculty of the finance group at UPF and other prestigious universities, and experienced business professionals.

Science and Innovation Workshop

The third edition of the workshop “Economics of Science and Innovation”, part of the second Barcelona GSE Summer Forum, which I co-organise together with Inés Macho-Stadler (UAB) and David Pérez-Castrillo (UAB), will take place on June, 10-11th, 2015.