Corporate finance

Corporate Finance deals with the two main challenges faced by the financial management of a company: the investment decision, concerning the use of company resources in productive projects, and the funding decision, or of capital structure, which examines how to obtain the money needed to finance the investments.

In this area, I have undertaken research on the effects of corporate taxes and the costs of bankruptcy on the corporate financial synergies. The aim is to provide new advice for the planning, design and regulation of mergers and acquisitions, spin-offs, securitisations and project finance. I have also investigated the contract relationships in private equity markets, which provide financing to non-traded companies, and venture capital markets, which provide capital to early-stage, high-potential, high risk, growth startup companies.

I have also been teaching Corporate Finance at the MSc in Finance at the Barcelona Graduate School of Economics and at the MSc in Financial Economics at City University London. I have been teaching a course in Financial Management and Valuation at the MSc in Management at the Barcelona Graduate School of Management. In addition, I have provided specialised short-courses in Project Finance at the Universitat de Barcelona and executive education courses on Financial Modelling for private companies and government officials.